Jan has a way of fostering deep, soulful healing. She is a powerful channel able to shed light with true clarity and grace. Her solid understanding of the physical body paired with her gentle, loving nature makes her a true conduit for those who are ready and willing to heal. I highly recommend connecting with her.
— Tracey Selingo, intuitive teacher + guide

Are you longing to communicate with someone across the veil?  


Possibly, you are...

...concerned about a loved one who has passed-on.

...feeling unsettled about your relationship with someone dear who died.

...yearning for perspective, support and guidance.

...curious about life transition and what lies beyond death.

I'm a Soul Speaker offering gentle, non-judgemental connection to those whose journey is beyond our earthly realm.  

For more than 35 years I have worked as a Registered Nurse and Palliative Care Specialist experiencing death both intimately and viscerally. Over time, I realized that I was blessed with the gift of mediumship and am grateful to now provide clients with a 360 degree view of life,  interpreting what is communicated from loved ones who have passed. 

Mediumship sessions are typically an hour long and are conducted via telephone. If you are interested in working with me, click the button below to access a contact form. Once I receive your completed form, I will contact you via email to discuss whether I am able to assist you and, if so, what the next steps might be.

Jan reconnected me, and then my daughter, with the soul of the baby girl I miscarried when my daughter was two. She has always yearned for a sibling and she now feels a strong connection with her soul sister, and often feels her loving and safekeeping presence around her. This has made such a difference in my daughter’s ability to find peace within.
— Deb Chamberlin

Frequently Asked Questions...


My clients have a genuine interest in re-connecting with a past loved one, often to ask questions or seek advice. They are also interested in benefitting from the combined insights of both practical and spiritual perspectives that I am able to offer during these sessions. 



The readings offered are NOT for amusement or entertainment purposes, nor are they for those who are primarily interested in undermining the integrity of the reading in any way. Those under the age of 18 are accepted on a case-by-case basis and require the consent of a parent or legal guardian. 


How do I schedule an appointment with you? 

Click on the button below and you will be directed to a private contact form. Once I receive the completed form, I will contact you via email to discuss whether I am able to assist you. If so, the email will contain a payment link. Once payment is made, we will schedule an appointment time. 


WHAT is your fee for a reading?

Typically an hour in length, readings are $150 per session paid in advance via PayPal. Payment instructions and scheduling details are offered in my personal email to you. 


Do I need to provide you with any information beforehand? 

Not a lot of information is needed for a mediumship appointment. Once you complete the contact form (accessed by clicking the button above), I will send you an email asking any additional questions that may support our appointment. 


How should I prepare for a reading? 

Find a quiet place free of ambient noise and other distractions. If you would like to prepare a list of questions please do so, however understand that we may not discuss them specifically during the call. Having them present is often enough to ensure they are addressed during the session. Have a pen and paper ready to take notes, keeping in mind that names, dates or symbols that come through don't always make sense during the session and you will want refer to them later.  If possible, I recommend that you sit quietly for five minutes prior to the call, clearing your mind and inviting those you would like to communicate to come through. The most important preparation is an open heart and mind. I do not control the sessions or the information that comes as much as I provide a channel for those who have passed to communicate across the veil. 


What if I'm not comfortable with the information coming through? 

My role is to connect you with those who wish to come through and share guidance and other important messages. Of course, these sessions can be intense and stir deep emotions at times. Again, I stress keeping an open heart and mind and encourage you to share any feelings of discomfort that may arise during the session. Have faith that the messages offered are what you needed to hear at this time in your life. 


Will you be able to tell me my future? 

Predictive information is sometimes offered from Spirit. It is very important to understand that 1) Spirit is not temporal as we are and time - short or long term -is not a concept that translates across the veil and 2) you are always in control of your destiny and will be the determining factor with regard to any potential outcomes. I encourage my clients to accept what is shared merely as information that can be used to improve their current situation. 

Are you interested in working with me?